Friday, June 24, 2011


I have to admit it, I am one of those people that have invested way too many hours of my life watching the trial of Casey Anthony. It's a heartbreaking story to be sure, but I haven't spent this much time watching Court TV since O. J. got away with double murder.

One point of interest that occurred during the prosecution's presentation that could lead to an appeal was a picture of Casey and Caylee. The picture was used to superimpose a picture of Caylee's skull to show proportion of her face to the location of the duct tape that was probably used to suffocate the little girl.
The defense vehemently objected to the use of this graphic comparison. Even though the TV viewers were not able to see this piece of evidence I can see how such an image could add to the jury's outrage. It might have given less grounds for appeal if they had photo shopped Casey smiling party animal face out of the picture.
I made my mind up that the bitch was guilty a long time ago, so it wouldn't have influenced me one way or the other. It is feared by her defense team that not only could it affect the verdict, it could also have implications during the penalty phase of the trial if she is found guilty.
I personally don't give a damn about that picture; it's the other picture I saw that has me calling for Casey's head.

If I were on the jury and saw this duck face picture my vote would be a slam-dunk for capitol punishment.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011



The Obama administration denied culpability even though he promised to lower sea levels if elected.
Professor Ignad Pervis Dailey of the State Science Institute reported:
" What the president failed to realize when he chose to alter the natural functions of the planet is: that water has to go somewhere.
Predictably, the ocean waters backed up and was re-absorbed into the clouds which dumped huge quantities of rain on the Midwest.

"I have been doing my own research on obama-made global watering since Obama was sworn in. At first my rain gauges did not yield the expected results; however when I relocated the rain gauges under my gutter downspouts and started watering my lawn I was shocked at the data I was getting and discovered the problem was much worse than I suspected."

Prof. Seymour Whitey, head of Caucasian studies at the University of Idaho surmised that " of course caucasians, because of there domination of the population percentage will experience much more hardship due to Global Watering, also because caucasians enjoy outdoor activities such as, golf and flea markets they are disproportionately affected in a negative way".

Professor Peter Hung who heads up the Men’s Studies department at that same university weighed in on the subject of Obama-made Global Watering by stating:
"Men are unfairly singled out by this phenomenon through the activity of lawn care. The problem is two-fold; not only does the increased rain cause the grass to grow much faster, it also makes it more difficult to find good weather in which to mow the grass.
There has been a startling increase in men suffering from chlorophyll induced depression and an inability to make car-washing decisions.

On his chart called " The Hockey Puck graph by Prof. Daily, I.P. as he is called by close friends.
"The hockey puck" clearly correlates the increased flooding in the Midwest with Obama getting sworn in and proceeding to hold back and even lowering the sea levels.
Even though the science is incontrovertible there are still many Global Watering deniers out there. Many scientists believe that we should begin with the indoctrination of children at a very young age with grade school curriculum devoted to the problem of Global Watering and even controlling what kind of TV programming they are allowed to watch".

Actor Randy Quaid testified at a congressional hearing last week. The hearing was convened to study this problem and Quaid was asked to testify because he appeared in the movie Hard Rain.
Quaid delivered his expertise in true Hollywood fashion by blaming his recent run-ins with the law and his reported bizarre behavior, on the sea level/rain cloud imbalance.
He summed up the his expert analysis on this dire problem by saying "I think President Obama is the greatest president in history and I voted for him, but his position on this matter makes me think he's all wet".
Quad then went on to say that he had to leave because he could feel alien worms crawling out of his butt.

Friday, June 17, 2011


She called me and said my water broke this morning! I was as you could guess very excited at the prospect of having another baby in the family. We already knew the sex of the baby by means of an ultra sound so that mystery was solved.
It's a wonder of nature the fascination we humans have towards our offspring. I know it comes from the God-given need we have for procreation, but when your holding a baby, you realize it goes much deeper then that. You stand there looking at this little miracle that you share a certain amount of genetic code with. You only hope that only the best part of your genetic makeup made it through and the genes that are responsible for the really stupid mistakes you've made in your life ended up in the genome trash heap.
Turns out I had nothing to worry about, my little girl turned out great. That was over 23 years ago.

June 2nd, this morning that very same little girl called me and said, "my water broke this morning! We have already had one false alarm when she started having contractions 4 weeks too early. I was glad it was a false alarm that time.
So when I heard her water broke I thought, this has to be a done deal. Wrong! turns out her water had not acually broken, that was a couple of weeks ago and we were all ready to welcome Trenton to planet Earth, but it was not to be at this time.

June 13, this latest false alarm Monday makes it 3. We were all convinced that the third time was to be the charm. My daughter was having regular contractions and it looked like all systems were go. Wrong!  Little Trenton had other plans even though my daughter was desperately trying to convince the doctors that she was ready to deliver a healthy baby by any means necessary. She was so disappointed when "failure to launch" was called and the mission was scrubbed again.
I was very anxious to meet my new grandson and first grandchild, but I will be happy to wait until he is ready. I just feel so bad for my daughter; she is so ready to have this baby.

June 16 Trenton's due date and he is nowhere in sight. She is on the schedule to have labor induced next week unless nature takes its course before then. Tonight’s a full moon and there are wife’s tales and statistics to lend encouragement that this will be the day.
I believe that the moon affects the Earth in a scientific way not a metaphysical way. Having said that, it is scientific fact that during a full moon, billions of coral reefs launch their offspring; other species also use the full moon to begin the cycle of life. Whether the increased light from the full moon, or the changes in it's gravitational effect on us, or the resulting tidal forces that lend a hand to nature, I don't have a clue.
June 16 and 17 the real labor has begun, the "screw natural childbirth, gimme drugs !!!" Kinda labor pains. She went to the hospital last night (maybe there is something to the full moon theory) with really painful contractions. The problem was she still was not progressing so they sent her home early this morning. Now she's back in the hospital and progressing and getting the requested drugs. I think the 5th time will finally be the charm.
June 17th, he's finally here ! And just as I suspected he was worth the wait. Born at 4:01 PM and weighing in at  a whopping 7 lbs 13 oz.
I was trying to find something very profound to say about finally meeting my grandson, but I am at a loss for words.  I do however feel very profound at this moment!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I just finished Atlas Shrugged and there is a lot to talk about pertaining to this novel. First, it a very long book; I read Stephen King, The Stand, which was a little longer and I really enjoyed it, but I got so much more from Atlas Shrugged.
This book should be required reading for high schoolers, the damn teaches union would have a cow. I think Ayn Rand should have written two versions of this book. The book as written is appropriate for people who need the fundamentals of capitalism vs. socialism/progressives. I could have gotten all that I wanted out of the book in about 350 pages.
I already agreed with just about all of the philosophy and political ideals that she was hammering home. However there are a lot of people in this country who needs the repetitive delivery of the points effectively made in this story starting with the Whitehouse. The House and Senate next.
The sad truth is the people that need this revelation are the least likley to ever pick this book up. The youth of this country have been indoctrinated by the leftists from grade school on.
The general theme of this book which is the punishment the successful producers and rewarding the slothful by redistribution of wealth is more true today than it was when the book was written over 50 years ago.
In the book the remedy sought by the people pulling the wagon full of deadbeats is to drop the handle and go on strike. Although that is not going on in an organized way today, more and more professional people are leaving the work force because they are sick of having the looters steal ever increasing portions of their earnings and piss that money away on more food stamps for the obese, National Endowment for the Arts that is so bad nobody wants to buy it and all the other big government giveaway programs. The looters are also causing the productive to leave states like California and New York due to the confiscatory taxes (wealth redistribution) policies.
If you want to see what this nation will be like in the not-too-distant future, look at what is going on in Greece. Greece is a great example of what Obama and the rest of the socialists will do to the U.S. If they are not stopped. No other outcome is possible given our present course.
We have such a short time to turn it around. If we don't do it in 2012 I'm not sure if there will be anything left to save in 2016.
What will be inscribed on America's tombstone?
Will it say " we died not with a bang, but a wimper"?



Monday, June 13, 2011


Well Trenton you got us again, we really thought we were gonna finally get you meet you today.
Guess the jokes on us, your gonna make me a grandpa when your damn good and ready. Oh well, you will be worth the wait. See you tomorrow?
Love Papaw

Sunday, June 5, 2011



A typical Saturday night at the town’s watering hole. Two drunken patrons come flying out through the swinging saloon doors with fists flying. One of the swinging door had exceeded its maximum rating and went sailing off its hinges. The two men hit the ground with a thud, neither man drew a their gun, but on the ground next to them lay a firearm dropped by one of them. The man on top was slugging the other man for all he was worth and decided that the other guys head was just too hard to keep pounding so he put his hands around his throat and did his best to choke the life out of him while saying, “I’m gonna kill you, you sonofabitch!”
No this was not 1875, it was more like 1975. It was not the wild,wild west, it was the mid-west. It was not a Colt Peacemaker on the ground, it was a Ruger automatic. These were not two drunken cowboys. They were just two drunks, unfortunately I just happen to be one of them and it was my gun that fell out and I was the guy choking the hell out of the other guy.
Bar room brawls were fairly common at the Benchmark and being in my early 20's and full of piss and vinegar I found myself smack-dab in the middle of too many of them. So the fact that I should find myself in a brawl on a Saturday night was fairly routine. What was not routine was that a good portion of my family was on the other side of the swinging doors when we came crashing through.
The Benchmark was sectioned off in the bar area where the combatants were and a dining area where my unsuspecting family was at enjoying a nice peaceful dinner.
Although I had my share of battles there I never started any of them, well unless you count the time when I had to defend the honor of a barmaid I was dating who wasn't actually honorable.
But this was not that time, this fight was started and the first punch thrown by the other guy, the bar's most obnoxious drunk.
I don't remember why I was on the other side of the wall from my family that night, seems like I just went over there to have a drink with a buddy who also had a knack for being in the middle of any shitstorm in the area. I guess that was because Wormy usually was the instigator of most of the shitstorms.
Taking into account the fog of war and the fog of my alcohol I will attempt to recount that nights events.
Seems like Wormy and The Mouth were sniping back and forth, I may have said something or nother to The Mouth where upon he called me a "punk".
I then said "hey asshole, I got your punk hangin" and then I grabbed a part of my anatomy to show him approximately where I thought his punk would be located.
That's when The Mouth punched me in the nose. I really didn't feel the punch, but it did really piss me off. At that point I wasn't thinking about behaving myself because my family was in the other room, or that I might get barred from the Benchmark for fighting or that I had an illegal gun in my belt. All I was thinking was "I'm gonna kill this M F!".
I think the first punch The Mouth got in was his last, I didn't win every fight at the Benchmark, but I was damn sure gonna win this one. So with tables upended and beers spilling and fist flying we eventually ended up crashing through the old fashion western styled swinging doors in full view of my siblings and their spouses.
Them not being regulars at the Benchmark they were caught off guard especially when they saw that their brother was one of the combatants. It didn't help the situation when the my handgun fell to the floor beside us.
While they were trying to break up the fight, my older sister hyperventilated and dropped to the floor. My little sister Rita thought it wise to ditch the gun in a nearby trashcan. Luckily Wormy stopped her and took charge of the gun, you see, I was buying the gun off him and I had not yet paid for it so Wormy had a vested interest in saving the handgun from the landfill.
The handgun in question was most likely hot, it was not registered and at that time I did not have a permit to carry. That night could have turned out a lot worse than it did. I have learned many lessons the hard way in the intervening years since. Probably the most important lesson is the negative aspects of mixing alcohol and gun powder. Neither me or The Mouth reached for the gun or that could have been a life-changing event. I was no a bad ass, I just thought I was 10 foot tall and bullet proof back then.

I wish I could say that I wised up after that night, but the truth is, it was several more years and several more scuffles before I saw the light.
You would have thought that making a complete ass out of myself in front of my family would have been enough to make me change my ways.
I guess back then my family more or less expected that out of me and I guess I just took it upon my self to not disappoint them.

One day I woke up and chose a different path, I thank God and my family for that decision and there are a couple of other people I need to thank too!
To check out the She said version go to Ordinary Life, she may have a slightly different take on that night.