Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Earlier today I was working in the shop and heard on the radio that the Grand Jury in the Michael Brown case had reached a decision. I kept listening to hear what that decision was.
No answer to that question came. Then later I heard they would be announcing that decision at 8:00 PM Central Time or 9:00 PM for us a little east of there.
9:00 O'clock? Why the hell wait until 9? I knew what would happen no matter what the decision was. It's like some cities during an NBA Game Seven, whether the home team wins or loses there's gonna be a damn riot complete with arson and looting.
Now why give these Ferguson rioters the cover of darkness?
As I listened to the Prosecutor layout the details of the process and give a lengthy synopsis of the evidence the delay in revealing the decision became evident. It took that long to try and come up with a way to explain the facts of the case and try and reason with the unreasonable.

The Prosecutor I thought was very diligent and understandable in his explanation of how this Grand Jury came to the conclusion that the only crime that was committed here was committed not by the officer but by the so-called "Gentle Giant".
I was able to understand what the Prosecutor was saying but clearly giving some of the questions posed by some of the reporters in the briefing most of those reporter were lacking in intelligence or objectivity to understand the THE FACTS.
To some, THE NARRATIVE is what matters, THE FACTS are just pesky little inconveniences that one needs to navigate around or just shout down, right Al Sharpton of Tawana Brawley fame?
The movie I referenced in the title, The Bonfire Of The Vanities, addresses the Al Shaprtons,  Eric Holders and Barrack Obamas of the world beautifully. 
In the coming days we will see Obama and Eric Holder show there lack of objectivity and do there damnedest to make a federal case out of this, literally.
I can see Holder ending his sham of a career leading the charge for a Violation of Civil Rights charge against the officer whose life has been horribly altered due to the stupidity of the drugged up Gentle Giant who committed a strong arm robbery, assaulted and attempted to disarm a cop.

Seasons Greetings, the holiday display hanging above the heads of a pack of lunatics seems to be a bit of dark comedic relief.

The same Seasons Greetings display seen from the back side in reverse seems to be irony at its finest.

Friday, November 21, 2014


As the Allied armies boots echoed in Hitler's ears he ordered his Minister of Armaments and War Production to commit an atrocity against his own people, it was known as the Nero Decree.
It would be his last hissy fit, he wanted to deny the advancing Allied Army any resource possible, but mostly he just wanted to punish his own people for failing him and Germany.
Albert Speer deliberately failed to execute Hitler's order and by the time Hitler found out it was too late and der Fuehrer took the cowards way out.
Hitler certainly did not invent Scorch Earth, it has been around even before Nero Caesar supposedly fiddled while Rome burned.
But it almost always has been used as a last ditch effort to weaken an advancing army in the hopes they can later be repelled in a counter attack. Joseph Stalin used it to great effect against the advancing German army as the Germans were Goose-stepping there way towards Moscow.
It's hard to fathom a leader of a country tearing apart his own nation. How do you understand or explain it? Is it madness, ego, or just plain evil personified? Maybe some combination of those three?
Now calling someone a Nazi or labeling them a Hitler usually is the lame tactic used by the leftists to attack a conservative trying to hold on to some tiny bit of sanity in this country.
So I'm not trying to draw some comparison between what Nero or Hitler did to their own people to what Obama has done and is doing to his own people.
But, a man who grew up surrounded and indoctrinated by radical leftists, Alinsky disciples, communists, socialists, domestic terrorists, Obama is fulfilling a life long fantasy of giving America its comeuppance as the left sees it.
What else would explain implementing policies that will weaken and do irreparable harm to America?
I'm not just referring to this latest shitting on the Constitution, it has been a pattern of divisive governing, irresponsible politicking and abuse of power. It is not just incompetence, it is purposeful, it is intentional, it is malicious, it is malevolent.

You may wonder why would anyone "shit in his own mess kit?". 
Rest assured Obama and his band of misfits will be insulated from mess they make. Just like the pigs in Orwell's Animal Farm. 
"All animals are equal, but some more equal that others".

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


It's like someone flipped a big people switch up here on the top of the hill today. We went from bumper to bumper traffic and campers to a virtual ghost park in a matter of days.
The leaves have lost their luster and have been stripped from the mighty trees by brittle twigs and gusty winds that sometimes have we waking mid-slumber, reaching for my 2nd Amendments and circling the camper in search for Bigfoot or any other maniacal intruder that body slammed my castle on wheels.
Today is Election Day, it is also a paid holiday for my coworkers. As a result the parking lot was empty save two vehicles as I left my camper for the 30 foot commute to the shop.
I was to work with "The Plumbtrician" today winterizing most of the park.
The park will remain open all winter, believe it or not there are some hearty campers out there who do not eschew the cold temps and deep snow. They will have to travel farther to use the only camp shower and restroom that will stay open all winter. All others exept the pit toilets are being shutdown.
The outside hose bibs and fountains are also being shutdown.
I too am in the process of winterizing my camper, just enough to keep it safe from damage long enough for me the get the hell out of Dodge next month.

But that project can wait, at least for one night. Tonight is election night and I will be doing what I usually do on election night. I like sitting back with an adult beverage or three and watch the returns come in. I actually enjoy the whole process of counting and calculating and polling and punditry.
This election cycle might even bring some measure of hope and change, the good kind.
Will a Republican takeover of both Houses of Congress bring utopia to our land? Not hardly, I'm not that naive. We will still be hampered with Boehner
as Majority leader in the House and will have the same problem with McConnell as Senate Majority leader.
Don't get me wrong, we will be a damn sight better off with a Republican led Congress and Senate, but we could really get the Nation back on the rails it both Houses were being led by politicians with some big brass balls.
We will see, the soothsayers have been encouraging for the most part, but it don't want to jinx it.

Well some of the polls are beginning to close and I need a drink.

Friday, October 31, 2014


I suppose it was just a matter of time.
They say the disease originated in Chicago. No one knows what triggered the mutation that made the virus jump from a local problem to full on pandemic zombie voting apocalypse.

It was about 5 years ago when I saw the first sign of attempted zombie voting in my area. I was living in Indianapolis 4 hours south of Chicago when a voter registration card addressed to the previous owner of the home I was living in arrived in my mail. She had been in the grave many years and now I was to bear witness to the horror of her rising from the grave and stagger her way to the polls.

The Zombie Party has multiplied exponentially since then. The CDC has proven just as competent in dealing with this crisis as you might expect from any 3 letter acronym the Obama administration misuses for his own perverse power grab.

The Zombie Party is fueled by pure desperation this voting cycle and the "dead/voters" will be out in force on Tuesday. 
As with the AMC hit " The Walking Dead", the leftist "dead/voters", will not be stopped just because they are brain dead. Although the "walkers" from The Walking Dead can be exterminated if you destroy their brain, the "dead/voters" can only be stopped with Voter ID laws.

You can judge the effectiveness of Voter ID laws from the wailing and gurgling sounds emanating from the shuffling masses of rotting flesh as they randomly stagger and bump into walls looking for voting booths that will accept their fraudulent ballots.

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Winter is approaching fast. My preparation for it is vastly different this year.
My checklist expands and contracts on a daily basis. I need my checklist nowadays, I need one just going to the IGA for more than two items. Moving my existence 1100 miles south for 3 months will demand the mother of all checklists.
I never envisioned I would be living this vagabond life at his time, in this manner, with so few strings holding me down. And I could not be more happy how things have turned out.
Serendipity has been redefined. Do I deserve it? No. Am I going to take full advantage of the crazy shit that has brought me to this junction in my stupid little life? What do you think? 

My 5 months of living "up the hill" on this incredible 15,000 acres of "my park" has been the happiest time of my 59 years of life on this batshit crazy ball of dirt spinning around the universe.
I have become friends with some of the best people on Earth up here on the hill. I have made some contributions that have been acknowledged by these "best people on Earth". 
If that sounds arrogant you will forgive me as I admit that no I did not cure cancer, no, it did not stop Ebola from migrating to the U.S.
What I did do was, haul horseshit, pick up trash along side of the road, repair everything from 35 year old refrigerators and airconditioners, dump trucks, tractors, mowers, appliances, use native cut lumber to side a solar kiln, drive tractors on perilous overlooks to kill all manner of invasive weeds, pull shifts of Security detail to ensure the sanctity on my park.
Yes boys and girls I have done it all and no one has tried to force me to sell one damned maintenance agreement to the customer!

This is the Fall destination not only for folks of this state but I have seen license plates from all around.
It is beautiful here.
I walk out the drive that connects the Service Area of the park which happens to be where me and my camper reside and there are 3 amazing overlooks that beckon my attention every day. There are beers to drink and thoughts to ponder there. Sunrises to admire when I cannot sleep and sunsets down the road that are worth the hike.

It will be difficult to leave my new home in a little over 2 months though I have been assured that I amwelcome  to stay and welcome to return.

It has been an extremely rewarding 5 months here and sitting in my little camper as I write this, I stare at the back wall. That wall opens up! This is a toy hauler travel trailer, the couch and table fold away and the cargo door opens and my bike will roll up and be straped in.
My time in Fort Myers will be devided up in segments of working at the beautiful Koreshan State Park, hanging out with baby sis and my bro in law and best friend, riding my bike down to the Keys and camping in all points in between.

I am in a very good place right now but I know that life can turn on a dime.
I just hope it waits a little while.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


They keep telling us not to worry, just wash your hands and don't swap spit with West Africans for 21 days and you'll be fine.
Another health care working has been diagnosed with this desease from hell.
Here in the U.S.
Contracted in the U.S.
Now if health care workers who should be up to speed on he proper precedures keep getting Ebola, what are we missing here?
Another case of politics mingling with infectious desease.
Move along folks, keep moving.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Heading down south this weekend. Leaving my leaving my little redneck paradise here in Nashville Indiana to hang with family down to the big Nashville in one of my favorite states Tennessee.
I thought I might leave a bit early and do some recon for my first winter migration after Christmas.
I usually make the drive to Florida in one day. No way I want to do that hauling my home and two vehicles. I plan on taking my time and enjoying my migratory flight knowing when my ass gets tired all I have to do is find a safe rest or truck stop, pull over, climb out of my truck and getting in the camper for a comfortable snooze. I will have as my roomie my Honda Shadow to keep me company.  I can't think of better lodging. Thanks to my baby sis, the real estate mogul Rita, my rental house is sold and will be but a distant memory. I will miss the park where I now reside, but am assured that I will be welcomed back next spring. I will miss my little lake getaway a mere15 minutes from here but I know it will welcome me back next spring as well.

At the risk of throwing my rotator cuff out from patting myself on the back I feel like I have proven myself to the good folk that run this incredible park. It's been a balancing act of not trying to ruffle feathers at he same time trying to show off my mad skills of doing a lot with a little.
It feels really great to be appreciated, something that was sorely lacking at the mega company I retired from. And it feels great to have my tools here and to be able to build things and repair things as needed.

I didn't start this post off as an ego boosting self promoting ponderous prose. It just kinda took on a life of its own. I guess I just can't help but be greatful for the bizarre turn of events my life took in the last few years that brought me to the summit of the highest point of my life.
I now reside at the highest point in southern Indiana, some 1058 feet above sea level.
How I got here was serendipity on acid. If I sound like I'm bragging I have nothing to brag about. It's just one on those "shit happens" things. The only thing I will take credit for is being so damn stubborn that when the shit happens and some big foot stomps on my anthill, I piss and moan about it for about a day then get back to the work and start the process of rebuilding my meager anthill once again.
It's a tremendous help having a family that backs you up on this mission and I have one of the very best!

Well ok, I guess I'm done here, two beers and a Long Island ice tea have taken their toll and I have rambled on long enough. Don't know why I wrote what I just wrote and I won't even go through the anal retentive attempt of proof reading I usually attempt.
Guess I just got the warm fuzzies and am in a very good place right now.
Even the horrific news headlines can bring me down at this moment.
Like Ebola knocking at our door, or ISIS or ISIL, or the stock market going to shit, of they forgot to bring our girls back #, or the president using the Constitiution as toilet paper, or the cost of fuel to haul my camper down to Florida, or ............????

Wait,what the hell was I grinning about a second ago?