Tuesday, September 23, 2014


So Lois Lerner's latest claim is that she is not as bad as Jeffery Dahmer.
Wow, that is a bold statement. Given her track record with the truth I decided to evaluate the evidence and make my own judgment. 
Hmmmm let's see............

Well I don't have any firm evidence but judging from her gaunt look and snooty attitude I would swear Lois Lerner is a Vegan.
Lois Lerner probably a Vegan, bad!

Jeffery Dahmer, a definite meat eater.
Jeffery Dahmer meat eater, good!

Jeffery Dahmer did some very bad things, but Jeffery Dahmer was sent to prison and paid for his crimes. He was even beaten to death by another inmate with a broom handle.
Jeffery Dahmer paying his debt to society and getting beaten to death with a broom stick, 
Very good!

Lois Lerner despite being beaten in the face with an ugly stick, survived the attack and seeing how her co-conspirators are in the White House and running the DOJ she will never see the inside of a prison.
Lois Lerner not paying her debt to society and surviving an ugly stick attack,
Very bad!

Jeffery Dahmer was a homosexual, being that it is fashionable to be politically correct, homosexually is very good. Granted Jeffry Dahmer was a homosexual that ate other homosexuals (not the good kind of ate)  I can't give Jeff a very good on that. Cannibalism mitigates it somewhat so.
Jeffery Dahmer was a homosexual, with an * for the cannibalism thing = good!

According to Wikipedia Jeffery Dahmer was "a keen tennis player".
Jeffery Dahmer being called a keen tennis player, good!

Lois Lerner was not listed by Wikipedia as a keen tennis player.
Lois Lerner probably not a keen tennis player, bad.

Lois Lerner worked for the IRS.
Lois Lerner worked for the IRS, very bad!

So there you have it.
Lois Lerner scored 2 bads and 2 very bads.
Jeffery Dahmer score was 3 goods and 1 very good.
That means Lois Lerner's claim that she is not as bad as Jeffry Dahmer is unfounded.
By my calculations Lois Lerner's is 11 times worse than Jeffery Dahmer.

Bad pick Lois, care to try any other ultra sinister figures from history? You could try digging up Adolf Hitler. Let's see how you do against him.

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Joe rattled my chain again.
I don't know why even in my semi-retired state it seems like I can't find the time to write anything. It's not like Obama's antics aren't still perfect fodder for prose.
Life in the park and at my little lake shack has tempered my pen full of bitter ink, but here goes nothing anyway and I do mean nothing. Joe be careful what you ask for. I fear all you have done is awaken a sleeping giant jackass.

This summer has swept by like an Obama appointee dodging another scandal. The good part about that is getting loose ends taken care of in advance of my winter escape for the frozen tundra that is the Indiana winter weather.
Obama has been so successful in his attempt to save the planet from Global Warming that now the Earth is too cold! He needs to dial his efforts back a bit so that the Great Lakes don't totally freeze over again and Indiana winters aren't like Wisconsin.

One huge weight off my shoulders was getting rid of my rental house. Thanks to baby sis Rita, the up and coming real estate mogul, my house sold in 11 days and I got a really fair price for it! We closed on it last Thursday then went out and partied like rock stars.
I can only hope that my semi-retired state continues to be this good. I love my work at the park and living in the camper up on top of the hill there agrees with me as does staying here at the lake a short and beautiful 15 minute drive to the north.
About the lake shack/cabin/shed, I'm sure Al Gore would not be pleased to hear I'm no longer totally off the grid here. Yes Al I still do have the 12 volt system powered by batteries charged by solar panels. But as of last week I also have a hundred amps of magnificent whirling electrons whooshing to and fro in my cabin thanks to the good folks of REMC.
Getting on the grid is a real game changer here and will enable me to make this more of a home and less like a Unabomber hideout.
I'm still a little light in the Internet department but at least I do have some slower than I like free Wifi in the building next to where I park my camper.
I'm not sure how I can steal some Wifi when I get to Fort Myers but at least I will be able to steal some great food from baby sis! Glad she likes to cook!

As for tending to my meager blog I need to get more irate and deranged about the comings and goings in this crazy world we inhabit. I'm afraid my contentment has rendered me too mellow for my own good. It's like the episode of Star Trek when Kirk got split in half. One Kirk was all ISIS like and the other Kirk turned into a big pussy.
By the end of that episode Kirk learned that without the badass side of his personality his pussy side was as useless and inept as @$&&@&.
Pussy Kirk tracked down his Al queda self and held him tightly as he consoled himself telling badass Kirk that the two halves needed to be recombined to be a fully functional Star Fleet Captian.
So you see that there is a downside to living a simple but stress free life like I'm doing now. It's difficult for me to get worked up about things that I need to vent them on this blog. I guess my happy-with-life pussy side needs to find a way to hug it out with my old formally overworked, chronically divorced, grumpy landlord self.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Yes Joe, it lives! Be carfule what you wish for. All you have done is awaken a sleeping giant jackass.
I shall return,