Monday, May 12, 2014


I started my new job today. Well technically I guess it's not a job since no money will be changing hands. I will be getting a free campsite in a beautiful State park located just a few miles from my place at the lake so there's that. I have been looking for a way to move to Nashville Indiana and this looks like my ticket. I'm still looking for a travel trailer, that will be my new home for the foreseeable future, here in Indy and 3 months in Florida during the winter.
Still working on getting a site lined out in Florida doing the same deal, working part time as a volunteer at a park in exchange for a free campsite. If I don't get a free site in Florida I'm going anyway and just pay for a place to park my camper.

Even though I don't have my camper yet, I decided to go ahead and start working at the park today. Although I have an extensive background in construction, HVAC and appliance repair I told the Park Supervisor I was not above picking up trash or cleaning bathrooms. Well I didn't have to clean any bathrooms today, I did do my share of menial tasks and I didn't mind it one bit. They paired me with a young fella, nice kid who lived in that area his whole life.
We stated the day doing touch up work on the pool. What we did really didn't help, it needs a major renovation to the concrete surface but this is the State so the money's just not there. I learned a long time ago not to let the screwed way the Government operates get to me too much.
We spent most of the day driving around looking for trash, I really enjoyed that the most. We drove all through the park and I saw parts of it I have never seen before. Stan may only be 23 years old but he is an old soul.
As we drove through every nook and cranny of the park on our quest to pick up every piece of trash we talked about lots of things but mostly about our love of the outdoors and music. He asked me if I liked Bluegrass music and he was delighted when I told him one of my favorites was The Dillard's, they played the Darlin's on The Andy Griffith Show. That was one of his favorites too. Stan is in a local band that plays Blues, he also loves Rush and Pink Floyd, yeah this kids alright. The kid was only hired to work at the park a month ago and is making minimum wage, but he is happy with his job and he plans on working his way up. What the hell is the matter with that kid? Doesn't he know how he is being oppressed?
I thought about my last job while we were winding through the park, the difference in the stress level is beyond comparison. I told Stan that he may not be making big bucks but the view from his office was hard to beat. It was not a big surprise to me that Stan already knew that.

Friday, May 9, 2014


I'm not going for a cheap joke that's in bad taste here, although that would not be out of character for me. I just simply cannot hear news about the Nigerian Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram without Whiter Shade Of Pale playing in my head.
Yes I know Boko Haram have no connection to Procol Harum and I doubt these particular
Muslims are big fans or a tribute band. I just think it was a bad PR move on their part.
They are disgusting baby raping assholes (Boko not Procol) who kidnapped hundreds of young girls and are threatening to sell them off as sex slaves. Yes Virginia slavery still exists in Africa and a few other countries on that side of the world and in pockets on this side of the blue marble.
Islam is no stranger to pedophilia, after all the inventor of this "religion" "married" a 6 year old child!

Yeah I know Muslims claim that Mohammad generously waited till she matured to the ripe old age of 9 before he raped her. Well if you're like me and your a bit more evolved than these Neanderthals you are disgusted at the thought of  Mohammad and these other freaks raping children. It gets more sickening when you read what Mohammad's apologists say about the prophets sexual practice during Aisha's maturing period  from age 6 to age 9. He did in fact sexually molest this child in every way except vaginal penetration when she was just 6.

If I were in Great Britain or Dearborn Michigan I could be jailed for pointing out the truth about a man who is worshipped like a god in the eyes of Islam. I am just reporting what Islamic propagandists have been using for arguments to try and explain why their women are treated worse than livestock.

It's odd that the left show red hot hatred for Christians who they claim oppress women because most oppose dismembering pre-born babies. But the left will bend over backwards trying to accommodating Muslims who can truly be documented as to their war on women.
Ok, that's all I got to say about that. Fuck Boko Haram, enjoy Procol Harum.

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Looks like the Obama Adminstration is doubling down on the Benghazi coverup. How would I describe Jay Carney defending the undefendble position of the White House coverup?

Gonna need the thesaurus on this one, I will start with the word incredulous and see what words they come up with, hold on a minute I'll be right back.........

Synonyms for incredulous:
Doubtful, hesitant, quizzical, skeptical, suspicious, unconvinced, unsatisfied, disbelieving, distrustful, doubting, dubious, mistrustful, questioning, show-me, suspect, uncertain, wary.

I dunno, none of these words seem adequate to describe this dog and pony show designed to sway voters.
And the amazing thing is it wasn't even a Fox White House corespondent that took Jay Carney to task, it was ABC, one of Obama's usual lap dogs that hammered home the points that it took a court ordered FOIA to get the Benghazi talking points prepared by Obamas White House for Susan Rice released.
Think about all the coverups perpetrated by this Adminstration and the coverups committed by both the Clinton's during, before and after that Adminstration. 
Soooo, what was all this hubbub about Watergate?

 We need to did up the body of Richard Nixon and apologize to his corpse.