Monday, December 22, 2014


Hope and change was mantra fed to low information voters. It became their Allah Akbar exclamation. To be sure, Obama has brought about change in this country. 
"The most honest and open Administration in history"?
Do I need to list all the corrupted governmental agencies?
Do I need to list all the scandals?

Remember Obama was going to make the word "racism" obsolete?
I have not seen racial division this ugly since the 60's.

Obama and his race-baiting minions have been stoking the fire and oiling up the machinery for 6 years now to great effect.
Obama's street minions are burning down the cities for supposed retaliation for the deaths of thugs. 
They are also cheering the cowardly murder of two NYPD cops.
Obama and his Cabinet of race-baiters are trying to wipe the blood off their hands and condemning the cop killings, "wink wink".

Monday, December 15, 2014


Sitting in my spacious living room alternating my focus between the TV and the front end of my motorcycle that looks like it's getting ready to mow me down while I sit in my camper recliner sipping my morning coffee.

Last week I popped open the rear cargo door and drove my bike into my house, literally. I have been getting ready for my migration south in stages. Since this is the maiden voyage of my Grey Wolf to the Sunshine State there have been many things to work out as far as logistics. The big question was how would having a two wheeled roommate work out.
So far no complaints from either one of us. Since I haven't been using the rear space where my Honda Shadow now lives for a week or so I don't really miss that living space.

I already have winterized the my little shack/cabin at the lake and now that the bike is secured to the tie downs my next project will be the disassembly of my makeshift insulated skirting under the waterworks of my camper. Then a week before my departure I will unhook sewer and water and power and take this rig on a shakedown cruise. 
I have installed backup cameras on the rear of the truck, inside the camper and on the rear of the camper. I have and AV switch box by the drivers seat to switch views hooked to a small TV monitor. Sound anal enough?
I really needed he backup camera on the truck. Going from my small SUV to this behemoth I drive now makes me feel like I'm going to run over somebody every time I put it in reverse.
I wanted the camera on the back of the camper for obvious reasons.
I wanted the camera inside the camper in case the bike falls over or attempts to drive through my kitchen and ends up in my bedroom.
I have my route all planned out with rest stops located when the need to pull over and crawl into my camper for some shut eye.

I only have 2.5 days left of work here at the park next week. I have enough good time and good will built up so I can take off work my last week here.
I will surely miss this place and the people who I work with, by all indications they will miss me as well. God willing I will return to my spot here among the 15,000 acres next April.
My seven months here have flown by, I have been everything from weed killer, grass cutter, park security, trash picker upper, heavy equipment operator, mechanic, roofer, carpenter, 
HVAC&R technician, inmate guard and even horse-shit hauler.

One project I started 4 & 1/2 months ago I was able to finish just this Wednesday.
The project was siding a solar wood kiln that has been sitting here unsided since it was built a few years ago. I used native lumber that was harvested here at the park from fallen or sick trees. They have their own portable sawmill here so rough sawn lumber is plentiful.

I could have done this project in 4 & 1/2 days but starting projects and getting pulled off to begin another before you can complete the other job is commonplace here. It is something I have had to get used to around here. Due to lack of funds and lack of personnel, crisis management reigns supreme here.
This park is not mismanaged, it is woefully underfunded and it will only be worse next year.
At the risk of straining my arm trying to pat myself on the back I am glad I was able to help get some things done here that may have been put on the back burner for yet another year. 

There were however many projects started that never got completed but I will be back in the spring and I have been assured my spot will be here waiting on me, the big boss has even jokingly threatened to flatten the tires on my camper to prevent my winter escape.

Early this year when I formulated my plan to insinuate myself in this amazing refuge took much effort and persistence on my part to meet the right people and convince them that this idea of mine would be mutually beneficial. I have made believers of them all. On Christmas morning I will hitch my wagon to 320 horses, head 1100 miles south and attempt to prove my worth all over again.

I pray that I am up to the task.
Wish me luck!

Merry Christmas!