Friday, November 28, 2014


The Constitution rolled around a cardboard tube hanging in the Oval Office restroom has taken a media hiatus the last week. Some say it was by design. I'm still pissed about it.
Watching the animals shitting in their own mess kit under the lit SEASONS GREETINGS display in Ferguson had me cursing at my TV until the wee hours that night. Watching the carnage and hearing the gunfire, I kept flashing back to The Divider-In-Chief during his news conference doing his best to fill the Molotov Cocktail bottles and fan the flames.

His Coup-de-gras was the line, "and that's understandable".
He said that in reference to his statement about the decision of the Grand Jury will make some people angry. By saying "that's understandable", he was telling the rioters and looters and anarchists, that he was of like mind with them. He was saying it was understandable to be prejudice and ignore the facts, ignore the evidence and especially ignore the law!
It's more than likely that Obama through Valerie Jarred pressured the Governor of Missouri not to offend the rioters and looters and anarchists, by deploying the National Guard. Well the rioters and looters and anarchists, not only were not offended by the no-show of the National Guard, they took full advantage of the show of weakness and had their way with the town of Ferguson.

I naively believed I could off-vent my pissiness about Obama, Black Privilege, Al Charlatan, and people who don't use their turn signals in one post. Not gonna happen. While draining my pen of bitter ink, I was also channel surfing as I am want to do, when I came upon this gem of a movie and intrigued by the title I hit the Info button.

White privilege not withstanding, I feel like kicking the living shit out of someone right now.
And that's understandable.


Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Earlier today I was working in the shop and heard on the radio that the Grand Jury in the Michael Brown case had reached a decision. I kept listening to hear what that decision was.
No answer to that question came. Then later I heard they would be announcing that decision at 8:00 PM Central Time or 9:00 PM for us a little east of there.
9:00 O'clock? Why the hell wait until 9? I knew what would happen no matter what the decision was. It's like some cities during an NBA Game Seven, whether the home team wins or loses there's gonna be a damn riot complete with arson and looting.
Now why give these Ferguson rioters the cover of darkness?
As I listened to the Prosecutor layout the details of the process and give a lengthy synopsis of the evidence the delay in revealing the decision became evident. It took that long to try and come up with a way to explain the facts of the case and try and reason with the unreasonable.

The Prosecutor I thought was very diligent and understandable in his explanation of how this Grand Jury came to the conclusion that the only crime that was committed here was committed not by the officer but by the so-called "Gentle Giant".
I was able to understand what the Prosecutor was saying but clearly giving some of the questions posed by some of the reporters in the briefing most of those reporter were lacking in intelligence or objectivity to understand the THE FACTS.
To some, THE NARRATIVE is what matters, THE FACTS are just pesky little inconveniences that one needs to navigate around or just shout down, right Al Sharpton of Tawana Brawley fame?
The movie I referenced in the title, The Bonfire Of The Vanities, addresses the Al Shaprtons,  Eric Holders and Barrack Obamas of the world beautifully. 
In the coming days we will see Obama and Eric Holder show there lack of objectivity and do there damnedest to make a federal case out of this, literally.
I can see Holder ending his sham of a career leading the charge for a Violation of Civil Rights charge against the officer whose life has been horribly altered due to the stupidity of the drugged up Gentle Giant who committed a strong arm robbery, assaulted and attempted to disarm a cop.

Seasons Greetings, the holiday display hanging above the heads of a pack of lunatics seems to be a bit of dark comedic relief.

The same Seasons Greetings display seen from the back side in reverse seems to be irony at its finest.

Friday, November 21, 2014


As the Allied armies boots echoed in Hitler's ears he ordered his Minister of Armaments and War Production to commit an atrocity against his own people, it was known as the Nero Decree.
It would be his last hissy fit, he wanted to deny the advancing Allied Army any resource possible, but mostly he just wanted to punish his own people for failing him and Germany.
Albert Speer deliberately failed to execute Hitler's order and by the time Hitler found out it was too late and der Fuehrer took the cowards way out.
Hitler certainly did not invent Scorch Earth, it has been around even before Nero Caesar supposedly fiddled while Rome burned.
But it almost always has been used as a last ditch effort to weaken an advancing army in the hopes they can later be repelled in a counter attack. Joseph Stalin used it to great effect against the advancing German army as the Germans were Goose-stepping there way towards Moscow.
It's hard to fathom a leader of a country tearing apart his own nation. How do you understand or explain it? Is it madness, ego, or just plain evil personified? Maybe some combination of those three?
Now calling someone a Nazi or labeling them a Hitler usually is the lame tactic used by the leftists to attack a conservative trying to hold on to some tiny bit of sanity in this country.
So I'm not trying to draw some comparison between what Nero or Hitler did to their own people to what Obama has done and is doing to his own people.
But, a man who grew up surrounded and indoctrinated by radical leftists, Alinsky disciples, communists, socialists, domestic terrorists, Obama is fulfilling a life long fantasy of giving America its comeuppance as the left sees it.
What else would explain implementing policies that will weaken and do irreparable harm to America?
I'm not just referring to this latest shitting on the Constitution, it has been a pattern of divisive governing, irresponsible politicking and abuse of power. It is not just incompetence, it is purposeful, it is intentional, it is malicious, it is malevolent.

You may wonder why would anyone "shit in his own mess kit?". 
Rest assured Obama and his band of misfits will be insulated from mess they make. Just like the pigs in Orwell's Animal Farm. 
"All animals are equal, but some more equal that others".

Tuesday, November 4, 2014


It's like someone flipped a big people switch up here on the top of the hill today. We went from bumper to bumper traffic and campers to a virtual ghost park in a matter of days.
The leaves have lost their luster and have been stripped from the mighty trees by brittle twigs and gusty winds that sometimes have we waking mid-slumber, reaching for my 2nd Amendments and circling the camper in search for Bigfoot or any other maniacal intruder that body slammed my castle on wheels.
Today is Election Day, it is also a paid holiday for my coworkers. As a result the parking lot was empty save two vehicles as I left my camper for the 30 foot commute to the shop.
I was to work with "The Plumbtrician" today winterizing most of the park.
The park will remain open all winter, believe it or not there are some hearty campers out there who do not eschew the cold temps and deep snow. They will have to travel farther to use the only camp shower and restroom that will stay open all winter. All others exept the pit toilets are being shutdown.
The outside hose bibs and fountains are also being shutdown.
I too am in the process of winterizing my camper, just enough to keep it safe from damage long enough for me the get the hell out of Dodge next month.

But that project can wait, at least for one night. Tonight is election night and I will be doing what I usually do on election night. I like sitting back with an adult beverage or three and watch the returns come in. I actually enjoy the whole process of counting and calculating and polling and punditry.
This election cycle might even bring some measure of hope and change, the good kind.
Will a Republican takeover of both Houses of Congress bring utopia to our land? Not hardly, I'm not that naive. We will still be hampered with Boehner
as Majority leader in the House and will have the same problem with McConnell as Senate Majority leader.
Don't get me wrong, we will be a damn sight better off with a Republican led Congress and Senate, but we could really get the Nation back on the rails it both Houses were being led by politicians with some big brass balls.
We will see, the soothsayers have been encouraging for the most part, but it don't want to jinx it.

Well some of the polls are beginning to close and I need a drink.