Sunday, March 15, 2015


Tomorrow I will head down to Key Largo in hopes of falling in love again.
I can't think of a better place to do that.
There is an old hit song of the same name and I still like hearing it on the radio.
"We had it all, just like Bogey and Becall, starring in our own late late show, sailing away to Key's looking at you kid".

I'm will be down in the Keys trying to rekindle the lost love that first turned my head back in 91'
That song will no doubt be playing on a loop in my brain all the way down there.
Don't worry this love will never cheat on me or have a divorce lawyer try and bushwhack me.

I'm going to John Pennekamp State Park for 3 days of camping and scuba diving.
I first fell I love with diving many years ago in Cancun.
I had never done it before so I did a resort course and after some pool instruction I got aboard a dive boat and with the aid of a dive master as my dive buddy I did my first dive on the reef off the coast.
It was love at first breath under water. When I got back to the states I looked into getting my C-card and the following year I got certified.
I used to do a lot of diving and have logged some pretty cool dives.
Then the world turned to shit, well my world anyway. Some wrecks, some operations, some heart problems, some divorces took the wind out of my sails and the air out of my tanks.

Slowly I have been trying to get back into the sport that gave me just a hint of what being weightless in space might be like. After all that is how they train astronauts to do space walks.
I still have all the gear, in fact I have some new gear, some of my old stuff was too worn out to be safe.
I have done some dives in the past couple years. Not very many and not with the same excitement and thrill I used to have for this sport.
Mostly I have not gotten real comfortable yet under water.
This is a sport you need to keep your skills up to enjoy it, after all it is a sport that will kill you if you do it wrong.

We were in Key West in January and I did a couple shore dives off the beach at Fort Zachary. 
Last year I did a couple shore dives in Pensacola.
Not much to brag about just getting my fins wet.
Nothing like doing the Devils Throat 135' deep off Cozumel or wreck dives in the gulf.
I will need to work up to that again.
But mostly I just need to fall in love again with this amazing sport.
Right now I'm just in like.

I hope after these next few days I will be rewarded with Bogey telling me "here's looking at you kid".
I know, wrong movie....... But same cool guy.


Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Nixon sure had one. It came after only one scandle. The most open and honest administration in history has had more scandles than... (insert your favorite simile here).
In an effort to avoid redundancy I won't list them all again as I have in previous posts. Just to simply, jot down any 3 letter government acronym of all the US agencies that Obama has his hooks in and you will have the list. Better yet, use a spreadsheet.
This latest scandle with the Hillster and her devious email server should be added to the list. So far the leftist propaganda machine has reluctantly ceded that Hillary may be guilty of a slip of judgment. As of yet the media has failed to hold Obama's feet to the fire on this scandle or any other of his illegal acts.
Hillary is holding a presser this afternoon to try and get her media buddies to lighten up and help her fool the public to believe her nest of lies.
It will be interesting to see if you the media take the bait and fall in line. Or will the heir apparent to the throne finally find herself on the other side of the tipping point.