Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I pull up to the gas pump, get out of the Jimmy and begin the painful process of converting debit into propulsion.
 I watch as the digits representing tenths of gallons click by at their normal rate while the digits that represent dollars being sucked out of my account zoom by with the speed and dexterity
of bullshit flying out of the mouth of the Socialist-in-Cheif.
I start muttering a string of obscenities with Bozama's image burning in my brain.
His latest campaigning mantra does nothing to quell my anger.
Imagine the audacity of this guy standing in front of his taxpayer supplied campaign podium, spewing this new lie that under his administration oil production is at an 8 year high.
Now to the untrained ear that might sound like maybe Obama is not declaring war on our county's energy needs after all
Ahhhh not so fast there Barack Hussain Obama mmmmm mmmm mmmm.
You say " under my administration oil production has increased".  By stating it that way you are implying that are responsible for the increase, that you are in support of that increase and you want people like me who are standing in front of the gas pumps getting our bank accounts getting sucked dry to believe you are NOT responsible for high gas prices.
May I respectfully say to you and your henchmen,
 B U L L S H I T ! ! !

Did you think no one would notice that the increase is on private land, not government land.
And the approvals for drilling were done before you took office, did you think you were going to slip that one by us?
What about the fast one you tried to pull by not mentioning that production of oil and natural gas has decreased in the fiscal year of 2011?
Do you really think this attempted sub-diffusion would make us forget that you are in bed with the radical environmentalist wacho's as much as you are with the union thugs?

The sad truth is your "if you can't dazzle them with your brilliance, then blind them with your bullshit" tactic may work with the majority of people that get their information from your propaganda machine otherwise known as the mainstream media.

For the people who rely on the leftist media for their worldview,  they will not hear or read a word about you circumventing the constitution by giving the EPA the governing authority meant for the Legislative arm of the government.
It's a real pisser when little things like the constitution gets in his way.

Facts are troublesome things for Obama and the fact is he said nope to the main portion of the Keystone Pipeline.
He said nope to easing regulations for adding refineries which are desperately needed in this country.
He said nope to drilling permits for the most productive sites in the gulf.
Another egregious lie that Obama is spewing, he says that even if we drilled every square inch of this country we would still have only 2, 3, or 4 percent of the worlds oil supply.
This is a common theme with the radical left, they never let facts get in the way.

Hey Obama, don't quit your day job, geology is not your thing.

On second thought go ahead and do us all a favor, quit your day job!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Probably one of the most ballsy-ist things I've ever seen on a basketball court. Way back in 19?? During the wainimg period of the IU Hurryin Hoosiers heyday. I was watching an IU game and IU's sharpshooter Brian Evans took a hard hit mostly on his already injured right shoulder and dislocated it.

The baby-faced warrior stood up, in excruciating pain, with his shoulder drooping down, the crowd felt his pain. Damon Bailey looked to the bench for help for Brian, just then Brian grabs his right arm and with a violent jerk and an obvious pop, he snaps his own shoulder back into its socket. Damon witnessing Brian's self-induced medical procedure was unfazed. He turned back to the bench and waved off the medical team with a "it's ok, Brian's got it" look.
Damon might have been unfazed, but crowd was fazed as hell.
Even me and the rest of the TV viewers were fazing our collective asses off. The guy didn't even come out of the game!
Balls big big balls.

Damon's look of unconcern about the injury and self healing of Brian Evans was not from a lack of caring or compassion for his teammate. It was because he knew Brian Evans may look baby-faced and a little fragile, but inside the 6'8" kid there was a Larry Bird like man-beast with heart that a lot of NBA ers will never have and a kid who did not understand the word quit.

Brian and his shoulder came to mind the other night as I stood shirtless in front of the mirror studying a large knot atop my right shoulder. No, standing shirtless in front of a mirror admiring my Adonis like body is not a regular ritual of mine.

My phone had rang earlier that day with that ominous tone that you hear right before Neo starts kicking the shit out of some agent in the Matrix movie.
I picked the ringtone for my son because more often than not, when he calls me, there's a shit storm moving in and I, like Neo will soon be fending off agents with blazing slo-motion lightning speed. Yeah, my son was a lot like me back in the day.

Today's catastrophe, he wrecked the truck that he just recently got from his grandmother.
He rear-ended someone and he buckled the hood, bent the core support which jammed the radiator back into the belt and also jammed the fender back into the drivers door.

I had him arrange towing to my house to see if I could work some magic and make it drivable once more.
When it was delivered it was not as bad as I thought, but would still require a lot of work to get the buckled core support close to where it belonged and make the hood unlatch and fix the headlight assembly. I worked at a body shop as a kid and used to do body work on my old jalopies but my skills and auto body repair tools are severally limited these days.
I did know where to start however, the core support which has the radiator bolted to it had the radiator pushed into the serpentine belt and it was shredding it.  I attached 2 come-a-longs (hand wenches) to the core support and the other ends to my Jimmy for anchor and started cranking the hand levers of the wenches.
With a lot of effort the core support came back close to its original position so I took it a little past that point then began the process to release the wenches.
I had my right hand on the biggest wench lever and had taken the tension off the cable to release the locking levers.
I had a lot of tension on the wench handle with my right hand, just then I felt a sickening pop in my shoulder and lost all the strength in it and the handle took my arm and shoulder for a brief but even more painful ride to the left of my body.

I buckled in pain and sat there grinding my teeth and cussing myself for not getting into a better position that would have prevented this injury.
After 5 minutes the agony subsided into a nice dull throbbing ache and I finished the repair with 1 and a half arms. I was not going to tell Jojo about this, you see, she thinks I'm accident prone and I didn't want to add fuel to the fire.
I went the rest of the day masking the fact that I couldn't raise my right arm above my waist. I figured it would be ok in a day or 2 and right arms are over-rated anyhow.
When I was getting ready for bed I was looking at myself shirtless in front of a mirror (I'm not really vain). That's when I saw a big lump on top of my shoulder right where the pain was. Uhhhhh not good, looked like a dislocation to me. I sat there on the bed thinking W W B D. or what would Brian do?
I was you-tubing my mind trying to remember his technique for relocating his shoulder. Hey, and remember Mel Gibson in the movie Lethal Weapon when he purposely dislocated his shoulder to escape the underwater straight jacket. Then he rammed his shoulder in the wall to pop it back in?
Of the 2 methods I had floating around in the synapse of my brain, Brian's method was probably the better choice.
Then I snapped back into reality, there's no way I would have the cohonies to try either. But the fact that it even occurred to me is testament of how much I didn't want to tell Jojo and see those rolling eyes and hear my full name being muttered from a shaking head.
At that point I had no choice but to tell her and deal with the castigation. It didn't help that just 2 days earlier I had busted my head open trying to help my step-son get a lawnmower out of the shed.

I went to the ER the next morning and X-rays showed no broken or disjointed bones. The knot was a hemotoma over the possibly injured area, so here I am sitting in Indy Ortho's waiting room to see the surgeon who fixed my left shoulder last year.
I don't know what he will say, but I know I sure as hell don't want to go through rotator cuff surgery again.
It was like having someone twisting your arm behind your back to make you holler uncle and your hollerin uncle! uncle! But the son of a bitch keeps twistin!
Their coming for me now, I will let you know the outcome.

Well he sounded pretty optimistic that it was a tear in the A C ligament a Type III shoulder separation, and probably won't need surgery. Maybe all better in 2 to 3 weeks.
I'm relieved that I won't be hollerin uncle.

But Jojo still thinks I'm a klutz.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Warning: The following is a tedious uninteresting blog.
it was just one of those lumps of lava that had to work its way to the vent so I don't pull out whats left of my hair this weekend. read at your own risk, just be aware it will be 7 minutes of your life you will never recoup. Feel free to eject here.

I knew it would happen some day.
I just wish I would have had some warning.

I went into our home office / laundry room / mechanical room and I heard the noise.
Jojo was still in Ohio so I shouldn't hear that noise now.

The submersible well pump was running and running and running. The first thing I did was check to see if a toilet was running, simple problem, simple fix

Nope, no jiggle of the flush lever was going to fix this.
Panic started to set in, over the past several months I have been on several calls where the customer was thinking they had a problem with their water heater or their water softener only to have me tell them they had a water leak somewhere under their concrete slab. Bad news for them, I would leave there thinking that's too bad, but better them then me. And then the thought would hit me, I have 2 homes that are on a slab, which means my odds of that happening to me are double.

I dropped to my knees and started praying while turning off the main valve. Hmmm, pump is still running and no water going to the house plumbing. Could it be a stuck pressure switch? I pulled the contacts back and watched the gage drop from 40 psi down to 15 in nothing flat. Oh hell! Not good. That means I have a leak between here and the well, or the pipe that runs down the well casing, or the pump itself has an issue.
The house was built in 63, but the pump was replaced 20 years ago.
City water is available, but quite expensive to hookup to. We have talked about running city water in and the tipping point has been if the worst-case scenario occurred and we had to drill a new well.
This is not the case here, we have plenty of water in our aquifier. The well guy is coming out tomorrow and will do it on the cheap if he doesn't have to pay a helper. So I will assist him and save some dough.

We are in semi-Amish mode with our water supply and we have to flip the breaker to the pump when we don't need to draw water. We can get water in the house with limited pressure. Luckily I had the 55-gallon water transfer barrel setting high in the garage. We use this barrel to transfer water to our little fishing cabin in Nashville IN.
I keep the transfer barrel in the garage and periodically I put it in the back of the Jimmy, fill it with good ol softened H2O and take it to the lake. I have an identical barrel in the loft of the fishing cabin/shed and I pump it into the supply barrel where it lasts thru many outside showers and sink use for several weeks.

It never occurred to me that this system could serve in a pinch at the homestead till now. I filled it up and felt a little better in knowing that if the well gives up completly we will have enough water to get by. 


So tomorrow is here and I'm waiting on my well guy to save the day. Will let you know how it goes.  

 10:09 AM

So it begins, James the well guy arrives with no fancy equipment, no expensive tools, just a lot of know how.
He was sure the leak was in the line going down to the pump.

He unlocked the device that locks in the horseshoe fitting into the lateral connection and we started the pull. That's when James said, " it's galvanized steel pipe". Arrrrg this is going to be heavy!  The procedure was to pull like hell till you have about 6 to 10 feet of pipe sticking out, then you use a clamping tool to keep the pipe from falling back down the well (if that happens your royally screwed). Then you cut off that section of the pipe, which makes the next pull a little lighter, that is until the pump gets wedged in the well casing due to the years of rust and debris buildup.
I'm glad I didn't try this myself, my first instinct when the pump got stuck was to pull harder. Wrong thing to do, that's how people get their pumps wedged and end up killing their well casing.

We just worked the pump up and down several times and with a little sweat the pump would free itself.

After 73 feet of pipe was extracted and cut off and several bouts of the pump getting stuck and massaged out we got to the pump and just above the pump was a hole in the pipe big enough to stick a number 2 pencil in.
Eureka! Now I knew this was where the problem was.
The pump and the wires could have been reused, but I figured after 20 years of service I would retire both.
We used poly pipe instead of iron and putting the new pump in was a breeze.

Had to shock the well with bleach yesterday, so we are still semi-amish with the water situation.
A case of drinking water and 45 gallons left in the transfer barrel has us in good shape while the well is flushed out most of the day.
Sitting here drinking my Sunday morning coffee watching clips of IU's great win last night I'm at ease with the well situation now.
It's nice to have that worry of  "when is the well pump going to die?" behind me.
Now all I have is the "when is a water pipe under the concrete slab going to break?”

It's always something.


This demonstration was for entertainment purposes only. Unless you have pulled a submersible pump under the tutelage of a qualified well man at some point in your life,

If James hadn’t been able to make it on Saturday, I had threatened to try this myself. 
Afterwards I saw many times where I would have made the wrong decision and screwed the pooch.
James and me were settling up the bill in the garage and drinking a well deserved cold Coors Lite and James gets a call from another customer who wanted him out there today!

My well pump replacement had taken longer than expected and James had family obligations so he could not make the customers timeframe.
The guy was going to try it himself.
James just looked at me and shook his head.
I nodded in affirmation.
Words were not needed.

As Dirty Harry once said: “A mans got to know his limitations”.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


The latest undercover video by James O'Keefe shows him in Vermont getting election ballots handed to him by people working at the polls. He walks up and gives them a name of someone dead and they look down at the rolls and say are you so and so living at such and such address? He tells them he is and they hand him a ballot. No request for an ID or any other attempt to ascertain if the person standing before them is eligible to actually vote.

O'Keefe is the same guy who posed as a pimp and filmed ACORN workers assisting the supposed pimp and his hookers (even underage hookers) to get federal services to obtain housing for the purpose of prostitution.

This latest video by O'Keefe proves how easy it is to commit voter fraud if showing ID is not required by the state.

The Obama’s shill,  the Department Of Justice has blocked an attempt by Texas to require voters to properly identify themselves as legal voters.
The D.O.J. is the same department that refused to prosecute the 2 Black Panthers for voter intimidation back in 08.
The democrats lamely try to make the case that having to prove who you say your are by showing a free ID card to vote is racist and unfair to the poor and minorities.
They make this bullshit claim but don't get their panties in a bunch when the poor and downtrodden have to show ID when they check into a hotel, rent a car or buy booze.
There is only one reason why anyone would oppose the idea of having a law in place that would require a voter to show ID.
The left want the votes of the illegals and dead people because those are the ones who keep them in power. In turn, the left keep handing out payoffs in the form of welfare, food stamps, earned income credit, free college tuition, free contraceptives, and all the other free SWAG that a dwindling number of us are forced to pay for.

I'm glad Indiana passed the voter ID law, that helps a lot, but the left still finds ways of cheating. It was discovered recently that many of the names had been forged on Obama's petition to run in this state and he should not have even been on the ballot during the last presidential election.
I remember seeing the busses going through Indianapolis neighborhoods picking up Obama voters for the 08 election. A woman I know was officiating the polls picking up ballots at different locations. They arrived at an inner city location before the polls closed and was shocked to see poll workers going into the ballot box with some voters to instruct them who to vote for. When she asked someone about it she was told "that's how we do it here".

I wished I had been there with a camera.
It wouldn't have made any difference though, not if the Black Panthers can intimidate voters with clubs and Eric Holder doesn't do a damned thing about it.
Voter fraud has been a tool of the Democrats many years.
Everyone knows the dead have been voting for Democrats for decades. If you’re a Dem and have a terminal illness, there is no reason to try and hang on long enough to cast your vote for your messiah Obama, he will, like Jesus of Nazareth call you from your grave, raise you from the dead and give you and the rest of your zombie cohorts a bus ride to the polls.

 Maybe that's why some voters need help filling out their ballots, their zombies! That would explain a lot.

Zombies are pretty good at walking in a straight line with their arms stretched out, but I've never actually seen one do anything other them moan any groan.

Damn, that pretty much describes most of Obama's base.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I can't believe I have a cold this late in the season. Too bad I have to work to support Obamas lazy assed cronies, I would like to call in sick, but Obamas dependents need me.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I really can't understand how people who are in the public eye can say something that is so incendiary that they just hand to their enemies a ball bat and turn their back to them.
Rush Limbaugh was of course just trying to make a point about Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke when he called her a slut.
First of all he should realize he is not a liberal and can't get away with making such an insult against a liberal women.
He is not Bill Maher who was able to get away with calling Sarah Palin a dumb twat and a (the "C" word, a word that will instantly cause women to have a cat fight if one calls the other one that).
It's fine with the leftist media if Maher calls a conservative women something horrendous, but Rush should have known that by saying that word,  he would take the focus off the stupidity of having this professional feminist testifying at this hearing in the first place.

This activist is probably not a slut. She is a 30-year-old law student with a degree in women's studies, women's studies? gawd don't get me started on that, that's a whole other post.
She went to Georgetown with the express purpose of stirring up the contraceptive debate at a Catholic university.
Her attack on religious freedom is so ludicrous when you consider what she was pissing and moaning about at this Obamacare debate.
She was demanding that Georgetown's health insurance give her free contraceptives.
Am I missing something ? Isn't that what Planned Parenthood says they are all about?
I would imagine Ms. Fluke is about as far from a slut as you can get, I see her as some frigid man-hating feminist that has been successfully indoctrinated by the propaganda machine that has infected most colleges in this country.
No, I have never attended any college, but I don't have to jump down an outhouse to know it smells like shit.

In closing I want to restate my position that Rush needs to apologize for what he said.
He has already stated publicly that he was sorry he called Ms. Fluke a slut.

I think he missed the mark though, he should have apologized to the sluts!